The HELLENIC CENTRE presents an exhibition by Greek artist Andreas Georgiadis entitled “The Alexandria Quartet” based on the novel by Lawrence Durrell. The exhibition was presented for first time in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, last October, and was part of the celebrations to mark the 12th anniversary of the Opening of the Library, and was organised jointly with the Greek Consulate in Alexandria under the supervision of the General Consul of Greece in Alexandria. The inclusion of this exhibition in the schedule of events of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina was a major distinction for the Greek artist. After Alexandria, the exhibition presented in Cairo, in the mamlook Palace AMIR TAZ, under the auspices of Egyptian Ministry of Culture. Third station was Greece, in IANOS ART GALLERY, under the auspices of British Council and Egyptian Cultural Centre. Through the 26 works in this group, all ink on paper, A. Georgiadis creates a fragile poetic environment, dotted with multiple readings, full of interchanges between what is real and what is imaginary.